Edgar Lucas Parise 2016

This is a 2D hardcore platformer game, where you'll play as a friendly alien who's trying to save his missing girlfriend Eve. Our big head friend must go through hundreds of challenging levels, from a simple stone planet, to an entirely made of candy planet (it's a pity that Edgar is diabetic).Each planet will bring their own challenges and rules, and amazing special abilities, that will help our hero to overcome the difficulties and (try to) rescue his beloved Eve. The game features a new level of difficulty, that will (almost literally) blow your mind. And if 200+ levels weren't enough, Edgar also brings epic boss fights, various worlds to be explored, insane achievements and a fantastic story that will not allow you to sleep until you see the end. Features: Adventure mode, featuring 200+ levels and more than 6 planets; Unique abilities, from flying to reversing gravity itself; Edgar can't jump (he doesn't have legs, comprehend it); Achievements that will test your abilities (and patience); Epic boss fights; A story so moving that even the onions shall cry.
Full Demo 127MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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