Goetia Ynnis Interactive / Square Enix Collective 2016

A dark adventure game resembling the victorian period in terms of the visuals and atmosphere. It was developed by an independent French studio. The story takes the player to the mysterious Blackwood Manor, where the female protagonist died years ago. Her name was Abigail, and her spirit has been summoned once again. The protagonist has to find out what happened here after her actual death, and what was the cause behind the Manor declining. The game is based on the popular point-and-click mechanics and the gameplay itself consists mainly of exploration and puzzle solving. However, the game is innovative in several aspects, simply because the protagonist does not have a body anymore. Thus as a spirit, she is capable of travelling through walls, ceilings or floors. Accessing different locations is by no means problematic, which applies to hidden areas as well. Consequently, the game does not feature a standard inventory, for the spirit can possess an item in order to use it in puzzle solving instead.
Level Demo 257MB (uploaded by Itch.io)
ISO Demo with 2 updates 949MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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