Age of Barbarian Crian Soft 2014

In a world where reality blends with dreams, an ancient revolting and unmentionable evil has woken up, bringing with it death and chaos. Only courage, force and steel can bring back order. This is an action hack 'n 'slash game inspired by 80s, fantasy and sword-and-sorcery genre. A genre that can't miss such items as the big and muscular barbarians, the succinct girls, the hordes of bloodthirsty monsters, a lot of gore, a pretty epic story and an addictive soundtrack. In order to realize that, it mixes many different elements together: Role Play Game, Platform and Hack'n Slash. Aside from brutal blade fights, there are zones to explore, traps to avoid and even small riddles to solve. It uses digitized sprites, a graphic techniques that were used in various video games during the late 80s to 90s, that nowadays is pretty uncommon. But thanks to modern days, we were able to realize a graphics in HD and after a patient work of photo editing and hand drawn, the final result is absolutely unique and original. Artistically speaking, it tries to be as close as possible to an on-screen representation of the various illustrations of the great artists of the fantasy genre, such as Frazetta, Vallejo, Bisley and all the others good ones. There is no epic game without an epic music. So we dedicated a lot of attention to choose the right tracks. Features: Brutal blade fight - Learn how to use your weapons, strike different moves, kick, parry, dodge or just roll away; Gore, Blood and Guts - Massacre your enemies, chop them in pieces, don't show mercy, you'll never receive it; Different weapons and items that will help you during your adventure; Secret Areas - The savage world of Age of Barbarian is plenty of hidden locations to explore; Huge boss fights and mini boss fights, Terrifying and obscene creatures are waiting for you in the darkness; Save the maidens from being sacrificed and bring them to a safe place; Beast rider - some levels require you to ride giant beasts; Auto Level up system - As you level up you will learn new moves, you get more health, stamina, attack power and defence. An Extended Cut released in May/2016 will include: more death animations; several different weapons; more items; an entire New Level; Some Bonus Stages; New enemies; Tons of graphic improvements; More hidden and secret places; More alternative paths; A Jump system improved; New moves; And more.
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Extended Cut: The Scorpion God ISO Demo + Update.v1.9.7 8.33GB + 189MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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