Only Fools and Horses Comedy Pack BBC Worldwide 1999

Can you Adam n' Eve it? Del Boy, Rodney and Co. are joining the technical generation and going all interactive in this Only Fools and Horses Comedy Pack. Never one to miss out on a new trick, the dynamic duo will be up to their usual antics the moment the CD-ROM is inserted into your PC. Containing all your favourite moments from the brilliant and hilarious BBC series', the CD-ROM is divided into 3 main areas - Del Boy's Bargains, Rodney's Diploma, and The Nags Head Knees Up. By rooting through Del Boy's Bargains, you'll find desktop items that only Del would acquire - ones that don't work properly. These include Del's calculator with added 'functions', and a calendar with pearls of wisdom from Del and Rodney, such as "This time next year we'll be millionaires". Taking a peek at Rodney's Diploma gives you access to a host of different backgrounds, cursors, icons and sounds, and a personalised video and still image screen saver which you can edit together yourself, or use Del's recommendations. You can also pop in for the Nags Head Knee's Up, and view classic moments from the series on the big screen TV and test your Only Fools knowledge at the Pub Quiz. Finally, if you fancy a little distraction, you can risk a few virtual shekels on the Fruit Machine and it wouldn't be the same if you couldn't take to the streets of Peckham in a 3-wheel driving game would it?
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AlcoholClone ISO Demo 412MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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