Last Crown, The: Blackenrock Darkling Room / Iceberg Interactive 2020

Release Date: TBA Nigel Danvers is haunted. Ever since a brief but disturbing experiment with a Spiritboard, he has felt someone, or something, calling to him. What is the significance of the word 'Blackenrock'? Is it a name, an item, an event, a place? Joining Nigel on his mysterious mission is fellow ghost-hunter Lucy Reubans. Together, they delve deep into Saxton's murky past, investigating local supernatural tales of horror and haunting, to discover secrets long since buried. Armed with upgraded ghost hunting gadgets, Nigel and Lucy seek answers from the dead to uncover clues to a century old murder mystery. You will be captivated, taunted and teased by mind-bending puzzles and interactions with the town 'locals', in a richly detailed interactive world of ghostly tales, wind-swept coastlines, abandoned buildings and crumbling churchyards. All the clues regarding Blackenrock lead out to sea, through the dense fog, away from the safety of Saxton. A trip into the unknown! The scattered rocky remnants of old Ulcombe make for treacherous waters, as the claw-like rocks seem to stand guard, preventing all but the most brave from discovering what hides beyond. Spine-tingling ghost stories to investigate. Realistic ghost-hunting, featuring actual E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Explore isolated, creepy haunted locations, in third and first person using a nite-vision camera. Photographs of unexplained entities captured by creator Jonathan Boakes while creating the game. Gather clues from a full cast of characters, which bring the mysterious world of Saxton to life. Chilling original soundtrack. Explore abandoned and isolated spooky locations. Learn clues from interacting with spirits of the dead using Ghost Hunting gadgets. Point and click gameplay with both first and third person interaction. Realistic and integrated puzzles. Collect paranormal evidence and analyse your findings. Position remote cameras to monitor paranormal activity. It's playable in 2 formats: 1280 x 960 (HD+ 4:3 ratio, for regular screen displays), 1280 x 720 (Widescreen 16:9 ratio, for wide displays and laptops). Both formats have Windowed mode or full screen, changed via Settings.
Preview Demo 3.3GB (uploaded by Official Site)

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