Double Trouble: Crazy Kindergarten Savannah / Nordic Softsales 2001

This was one of a series of Bille & Trille Danish games, known as Sammy & Sally in English, Romy & Rikkie, Ville & Lilli, Billi & Milli, and Margarita & Manolito in other languages. The day of a kindergarten child is full of accomplishments that are not always fully understood by parents. For a grown-up, kindergarten may seem a safe environment where nothing dramatic ever happens or should happen, but from a child's point of view it can pose challenges and supply adventure that would make even the life of a NASA test pilot seem humdrum. Kindergarten is life's first frontier, the wild west of childhood. It's where you learn the basics of what it is to be a social person plus a tremendous amount of other, more specific, vital things that you need to know about life on the planet. The religion of the Double Trouble universe decrees that although life is full of surprises and the world is not always easy to understand, if you face the mysteries with confidence and your friends' help, good times are guaranteed. Double Trouble is centered on the twins, Sammy and Sally, and their allies and best buddies, Elisa and Frederick. The story of the game take place in a kindergarten and are often set off by something the adults tell them. The children are not defiant of the adults; on the contrary, they will try to act according to what they believe they are supposed to be doing. However, they are often confused by the adults' inconsistent statements, such as: always be polite, but never talk to strangers, there is no such thing as invisible creatures, but you have to wash your hands of bacteria even though you can't see them, etc. These inconsistencies paired with the children misunderstandings cause everyday problems to escalate, and although the foursome always escapes unharmed and even proud of their achievements, there is always an adult who is embarrassed and more often than not a playroom left in shambles. In the game, the children learn about everyday issues on their own terms. The world is seen from the perspective of the children. Their imagination and their quirky and wondrous approach to the world dramatize even the most mundane things. Double Trouble is developed with the aid of kindergarten teachers and specialists, but more important, it is developed together with children who play our games. The graphics are colourful, with a distinctive layout, there is an original soundtrack with ear-catching songs, and above all a good dose of irreverent humour with great appeal to children.
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Ville & Lilli: Mielikuvitus vauhdissa - Finnish Clone ISO Demo 185MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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