Crayola Print Factory IBM 1998

This is an art & Print Studio for Every Child. It's so easy to create and print cool projects. Draw, color & paint with tons of tools. Create all kinds of cool print projects: Stickers, Ornaments, Paper Toys, Banners, Stationery, Posters, Bookmarks, Awards, Certificates, Cards, Envelopes, Invitations, Growth Charts, Name Tags, and lots more. 80 Crayola crayon colors: 64 classic, 8 glitter, 8 multicultural. Packed with fun creativity tools: Brushes, Shapes, Crayons, Markers, Stamps , Crazy Lines, Erasers, Fill. Add clip art, fun patterns and text. Print out designs in color or in black and white. Fun music and cool sound effects. Includes 10 sheets of printer paper: Heavyweight, glossy, sticker. Special decorations activity lets children create 3D ornaments, toys and other cool projects: Play Money, Airplane, Finger Puppet, Pyramid, Wallet, Pop-up Card, Giftbox, Frog, Pinwheel, Giant Crayon, and more. Quick Starts are ready-to-print. Pre-made designs and layouts at your fingertips to personalize or just print out. Creative ideas spark imagination. User tips for each activity stimulate creativity and provide new ways to have fun with the product.
ISO Demo 166MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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