Bohemian Killing The Moonwalls / IQ Publishing 2016

A three-dimensional adventure game in the form of a courtroom drama, inspired by the popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. It was created by the developer's sole member - a lawyer and a game enthusiast who developed the game almost entirely on his own. The story is set in a steampunk alternative vision of the 19th century Paris. The protagonist faces the court, being accused of a brutal murder of a young woman. The player's task is to convince the court of his innocence. The game features two timelines. The courtroom is the center of the story, where witnesses can be heard testifying or the judge asks questions. These launch flashbacks, which take the player back to the day the crime was committed. The player's role is to perform certain actions which are going to confirm or deny a given testimony. In order to clear the protagonist of charges, the player can also lie, support their testimony with additional proof or even pretend to be insane. Depending on the tactics used, the player can witness one of dozen different endings.
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Multi7 ISO Demo 2.58GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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