Heart&Slash aheartfulofgames 2014

Early Access, Full Release Date: Aug/2016 This is a 3D brawler that is set in a world where machines are all that remains from the Human civilization. You play as Heart, an innocent robot fighting to escape the grip of the evil and all seeing machine QuAsSy (Quality Assurance Systems). But make no mistake Heart&Slash is a hard game. Every death is permanent and means a new randomly generated level for you to start over with a different set of weapons and items you can use, new enemies to fight and secrets to explore. This is an indie game developed by a small but passionate team. We have a tiny budget but big hearts, and we are giving it all to make this game (our first) the best we can. Features (on final release): 3 worlds to explore and fight in. Each world includes its unique enemies an bosses; Dozens of different weapons and equipment pieces (more than 100 in total) to customize Heart and your play style; Perma-death, but a persistent progression system that gives you more options as you play the game.
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Level Demo 224MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo v1.1.6 + OST 353MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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