Crimson Room Decade Dream Holdings, TAKAGISM Inc. / Degica, Dream Holdings 2016

”I've been here before..." Jean-Jacques Gordot woke up to find himself trapped in a red room. A door that won't open, a hanging lightbulb, scattered wine bottles. And for some reason, this room gives him a feeling of deja vu. Can you escape the room? Based on the legendary Flash game with a record-setting 800,000,000 views. Ten years later, you are trapped in the room again. Mysterious gimmicks lead you around by the nose. Collect pieces of the story and figure out what happened in this room in the past. Beautiful but sad music gives the game a nostalgic flavor. Explore the room and combine various items to escape. Ten years after the release of the original masterpiece swept the world, Crimson Room is back, now on Steam with a new story and features. The man Gordot brings nostalgic feelings to those who played the first game. It's also attractive for new challengers who have never experienced the red room before.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo 539MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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