Mysterious Island, The / Crazy Island Calaris Studios / Akella 2004

The plot of this wonderful children's game that combines features of genres such as RTS and of RPG, is a story about a group of friends, shipwrecked and washed up on a mysterious island. The player will, controlling one of the characters, find the rest, build a raft and return home safe and sound, but it is necessary to solve many puzzles, defeat enemies and remove the curse from the mistress of the island - the evil witch who did not want unexpected guests. Features: fascinating story, various puzzles, colorful graphics, unique gameplay. In 2017, the game was made freeware.
Russian ISO Demo 339MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English + Polish Freeware Games 297MB+223MB (uploaded by
Crazy Island - Full Demo 217MB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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