Lethe KoukouStudios, Faber Interactive 2016

This is a first person adventure with survival horror elements. Explore an atmospheric and frightening world and uncover the dark secrets of your origins. Crushed under the debts of his recently deceased step-father, Robert Dawn, a journalist with an unremarkable career, decides to hunt down his origins. Everything points to a quiet mining settlement. Shortly after his arrival, Robert comes into contact with an unknown substance and develops psychokinetic abilities that feed on his life energy. As tension rises, he is faced with another, even darker threat, quickly turning the trip into a terrifying battle for survival. Features: Stealth Gameplay - Run or hide to survive; Psychokinesis - Manipulate the environment and use it in your aid. But be careful! Your newly gained abilities can only affect inorganic objects; Quality Graphics - Immerse yourself in a highly detailed and horrifying world; it isn't your typical adventure game. Learning the story behind the places you'll visit, is entirely up to you. Episode 1 (Aug 1).
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Episode One - ISO Demo with update 1.96GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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