Deluxe Compton's 3D World Atlas Compton's Home Library 1998

With Compton's 3D World Atlas Deluxe, exploring our world has never been more exciting. Get ready to rotate, zoom in on, click on, and explore different views of our complex planet through sixteen different full-screen globes. Each globe gives you the power to display and combine layers of geographic information, providing a unique, interactive perspective on planet wide issues and features. You'll also take off on 3D flights; learn about international history, geography, culture, and economics; manipulate and examine thousands of country statistics; and expand your 3D World Atlas experience through a direct online connection. Pay attention, because afterward you can test your knowledge with the "Around the World" trivia challenge. Earth is represented by three main globes: The Environmental World shows a photo-realistic view of Earth as seen from space. The Physical World shows Earth's terrain above and below the sea. The Political World shows color-coded national boundaries. With 3D World Atlas, you can examine the world's geological features, physical features, and climatic conditions as well as the impact human beings have on Earth. 3D World Atlas is packed with globes, timelapses, stories, and 3D flights that let you explore mountain ranges, rivers, ocean currents, wind patterns, population growth, and ozone depletion, in addition to a wide range of other features and topics.
Full ISO Demo 375mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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