My Personal Tutor: Preschool & Kindergarten Microsoft Corporation 1997

Professor P.T. Presto uses Microsoft's new TutorAssist technology to help kinders and pre-K students get a handle on basic skills which they'll need before they enter grammar school. In the Preschool Workshop, Jub Jub the Monkey, Roary the Lion and other animal friends introduce patterns, counting, smilarities and differences, matching and sorting and other activities. When they head over to Alphabet Playhouse, Rosy Raccoon shows them how to create magic using letters of the alphabet. Kids learn all about upper and lowercase letters, phonics, rhyming, simple spelling and more. After that, they can jump on Reader Railway and take a trip to the circus with Rusty Raccoon, who takes them through activities which emphasize vocabulary, memory development, reading, storytelling and much more. Overall, there are more than 100 games and activities, over 90 learning objectives, 26 interactive storybooks, over 20 animated songs, and more. Professor P.T. is there every step of the way to assess each student's development and decide whether or not to bring in one of more than 100 multimedia tutorials to help them brush up on skills which are lacking. This package comes with four CDs: Preschool Workshop, Alphabet Playhouse, Reader Railway and the bonus CD is called Mathopolis.
Deluxe 4CD ISO Demo + scans 828MB (uploaded by mklgw1985)

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