JumpStart: Languages / Jump Ahead Discover Geography Knowledge Adventure 2001

This is an Early Discovery JumpStart game designed to teach French, Spanish, and Japanese for ages 3-6. It also teaches about the cultures of America, France, Mexico, and Japan. The game takes place in the JumpStart Worlds Fair. There are four pavilions for the languages English, French, Spanish, and Japanese, each hosted by one recurring JumpStart character and one character created specifically for the game. In each pavilion, activities can be played in order to earn "globe pieces". There's a central building hosted by CJ and Edison in which you can access printable activities and crafts, as well as access short clips called "Video Voyages" that may be "bought" every time the user earns four globe pieces. Each of the four languages pavilions has its own version of each activity: A coloring activity to learn the colors of a language; A board game activity; A find-the-object activity at the Kitchen; A storybook activity; Puppets of the World Activity; A phone activity to learn the numbers of a language. It was released as JumpStart Advanced Language Club in JumpStart Advanced Preschool. It was also released with Chick-fil-A Kids' Meals as part of a promotion.
included in Jumpstart Advanced Preschool - CD3 (Language Club) + CD4 (Art For Fun) ISO Demos 370+49MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
JumpStart Advanced Language Club - ISO Demo 471MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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