Sally Face Steve Gabry / Portable Moose 2016

A boy with blue pigtails, a prosthetic face and a mysterious past. Guide him on weird adventures through high school and beyond; dealing with the many oddities and hardships in his life. Casual, Story Driven, 2D Sidescrolling Adventure. Move the character left and right as you interact with different objects in the environment, collect inventory items, talk to NPCs and solve puzzles. Episode One: Strange Neighbors (Aug 23) Sally Face and his father move into a new apartment filled with odd tenants and an unfortunate crime scene. Episode Two: The Wretched (July 7/2017) Sally Face searches for ghosts in an attempt to uncover the truth about Larry. Episode Three - The Bologna Incident (Feb 10/2018) Sally Face and his friends begin an investigation at school that becomes much more than they expected. Episode Four: The Trial (Nov 30/2018) Sal and Larry face a formidable darkness. Episode Five: Memories and Dreams (Dec 13/2019) Three triangles are visible near a mask by a tombstone, which are very similar to those that we could see in the basement of the cult when they were conducting some kind of rite. What if this is the rite of the resurrection?
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