Revenge of Johnny Bonasera, The Rafael Garcia 2016

Episode 1 (Nov 1) Hilarious adventure game designed in a TV cartoonish style. This is the story of Johnny Bonasera, a kid that was beaten and humiliated by a gang punk. Fueled by an insatiable desire for revenge, Johnny Bonasera promises revenge against each of the punks who humbled him. One by one. Unscrupulous. Mercilessly. Features: 2D HD graphics in TV cartoon style; An adventure full of hilarious dialogues and puzzles; Outlandish characters to talk, interact, humble, beat, insult; Texts in English and Spanish. Episode 2 (Feb 6/2018) Following the abduction of Johnny's mother by aliens, Johnny is questioned at the police station about the events. Johnny must find a plan to rescue his mother and escape from the police station where he is being held. Meanwhile, Captain Wachimolete will try to kill the aliens in his own way. Aliens do not know the mess they have gotten into. Episode 3 (Feb 5/2019) After escaping from the police station, Johnny and his friends go to find Hangar 19. Johnny will have to borrow the spaceship from the Hangar to reach the alien base and rescue his mother. Meanwhile, Capitán Wachimolete has been captured and is being tortured by the aliens. Episode 4 (Mar 24/2020) fter hijacking the flying saucer from Hangar 19, Johnny gets to the alien base. In the alien base, Johnny will try to find the way to rescue his mother and all humans who have been abducted, including Capitán Wachimolete, who is now a member of the alien army due to a probe that controls his will.
Screenshots/Video Episode#
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Level Demo 65MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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