Karma: Incarnation 1 AuraLab / Other Kind Games 2016

This is a classical point-and-click adventure jam-packed with original humour and brain-bending puzzles. The game tells the story of a creature named Pip who is incarnated in the form of a cute-yet-brutal worm, living in a truly surrealistic world. Being naive and not knowing much about this reality, Pip is willing to talk to flowers and stones just as much as he is ready to swallow whole another representative of local fauna. Features: No text dialogue whatsoever; Alternative ways of progressing through quests - by being good or evil, the player opens additional storylines as they progress; The main character changes his appearance depending on the path he's chosen and key characters react on his looks differently. This too opens alternative story lines that make playing through game again and again fun in different ways; Astral vision - Pip, the main character, can see through his inner eye - it's a special ability which allows him to perceive the spirit world at any moment of the game. Within this astral plane he'll find additional creatures and actually hints on how to successfully complete the quests; Unique & original sound track by Zmeiraduga band.
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Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo with update 1.88GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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