White Heart Baekgu [K] KidnKid.com / Hanbit Soft 2000

The "kiddie platformer" boom in the early 2000s was generally attributed to Kidnkid.com, after their adaption of the animated film Hayan Maeum Baekgu ("White Heart Baekgu") sold more than 120,000 copies, figures only the most popular big budget titles in Korea could dream of (later the company claimed it even 500,000 sold copies). The success of Baekgu caused dozens of imitators, both in the general "kiddie platformer" genre, as well as at least half a dozen direct plagiarizers. The story is based loosely on the true story of a Korean Jindo Island dog named Baekgu who, in 1995, traveled 260 km and 6 months to return to its original owners after being sold to an owner on the mainland. In general, it represents the tradition of the dogs of Jindo Island, who are legendary in their region for being an extraordinarily loyal and intelligent breed. Notable gameplay mechanics: Jumping, smooth animations, ability to cough apples/other fruit as a projectile. Similar to The Lion King (SNES) but with much better visuals and bigger game world. Has level design similar to Donkey Kong. Levels follow a certain theme and background until a boss level then transition to a new background. Game world is packed into one static map.
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Korean Custom ISO Demo 261MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
French ISO Demo 199MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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