Pathways Through Jerusalem Future Vision / SoftKey 1995

This is considered by many to be the finest religious multimedia title ever produced. Made in Israel, it's an interactive giant of a program on 2 CDs. Five historical guides (King David, King Herod, Queen Helena, Dirk the Crusader and Suleiman) take you through 5 different historical periods in Jerusalem. Each tour offers a multitude of animation, video, and interactive elements to explore certain locations and concepts more in-depth. The four contemporary guides show you Jerusalem today from their unique perspectives (Jewish Jerusalem today, Christian Jerusalem, Muslim Jerusalem, and Secular Jerusalem). Each guide appears as a video against Jerusalem locations and illustrations. The "historical" guides are professionally acted and humorously portrayed. King David's tour is the highlight and tells the story of Jerusalem's founding, and includes an animated tour of Solomon's Temple. Scholarly without being dull. Humorous without being irreverant. Can be used for personal study, by touring groups, and for adult education.
2CD ISO Demo 1.53GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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