Charlie's Adventure Just1337 Studio / KupiKey 2016

Take on the role of Charlie and enter a strange and mysterious world filled with nightmarish hordes of zombies, dangers and many surprises. In this easy to play and hard to master platform you will slay zombies, avoid as well as use deadly traps, and unleash your true potential through a variety of skills and abilities. It will take you on a journey through 12 unique levels as you face off against legions of zombies. Help Charlie cleanse his world of these vile creatures. Features: work your way through 12 levels of zombie infestation; dozens of scary but not so smart zombies; deadly traps that can kill you and your enemies; use the environment against the enemy; easy to play, hard to master type of a game; 3 difficulty levels; full controller support; keybinding support for : keyboard, mouse or any joystick; Ultra HD resolution supported (4K).
ISO Demo with 2 updates 748MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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