Software Toolworks World Atlas, The The Software Toolworks 1991

Totally revised and dramatically improved from earlier non-Windows versions by the same company, this product now clearlys set the standard for electronic atlases. The World Atlas contains 240 detailed political and topographical maps, over 4,400 statistical maps, and 11 information categories with over 300 subtopics. To keep pace with changing political events, "World Atlas Version 4" features maps reflecting new country boundaries for: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Germany, Yemen and newly independent republics which were formerly part of The Soviet Union. State reference maps display cities, highways, and bodies of water. Statistical maps highlight key data topics. Topographical maps show elevation, mountain ranges, deserts and other regional features. City information includes population, unemployment rate, income per capita, and annual precipitation.
Included in The Software Toolworks CD Deluxe Pack 4 ISO Demo 381MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
ISO Demo Version 3 (@ The Internet Archive)
Version 4 MPC ISO (@ The Internet Archive)
ISO Demo Version 5 373MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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