Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? Steel Monkeys / THQ Inc. 2001

A game inspired by the children's television program. Players help Bob the Builder and friends complete various activities. Players can select from 3 difficulty levels for each activity. Activities include: Knock it down involves helping Lofty knock down an old bridge. Players swing a wrecking ball at a dilapidated bridge; Build it up involves helping Lofty build a bridge one section at a time. Players control Lofty's hook and use it to pick up sections of a bridge off the ground and place them together so they form a bridge; Where's Pilchard? has the player helping Wendy find where Pilchard is hiding. Players have to place a food bowl on top of the hiding Pilchard. Travis' Race Day activities include: The two activities Race with Scoop and Race with Dizzy involves the player playing as either Scoop or Dizzy and has them racing Travis in an overhead racing game to prove who is the fastest. Bubble Trouble activities include: helping Roley pop all the bubbles. Players control Roley and have to make him roll over bubbles in a limited amount of time. Where's Pilchard? plays the same here, except it now takes place in a different location. Porcupine Rescue activities include: Tunnel Time involves helping porcupines cross a road by having Lofty build a tunnel under the road. Players use Lofty's hook to pick up sections of a tunnel and place them in the correct spot of an outline; Where's Pilchard? also plays the same here, except it now takes place in another different location. Scary Spud activities include: helping Spud scare away hungry crows from eating all of the seeds. Players control Spud and make him scare the crows off the field in a limited amount of time by making him run at them; Where's Pilchard? also plays the same here, except it now takes place in another different location. Plumbing Puzzle activities include: Radiator riddle involves fixing the central heating. Players control Bob and make him place pieces of the central heating to the correct outlined spots in a house; Fix the leaks involves helping Bob fix leaks in a pipe. Players control Bob while he walks through a house searching for and fixing all the leaking pipes with his wrench in a limited amount of time. Wendy's Birthday activities include: Cake-tastic! involves helping Bob decorate a birthday cake for Wendy. Players decorate a cake for Wendy by choosing the type of chocolate chips, color of the candles and the icing, and the decorations. Wild West Wendy involves Bob and Wendy square dancing. Players get to choose which dance moves to perform. Some activities contain cutscenes before they begin and after being completed.
UK ISO Demo 227MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Budget release - Clone ISO Demo 203MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Swedish ISO Demo 140MB (uploaded by Legends World)
US English ISO Demo + Scans 200MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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