Toy Story 2 Print Studio Disney Interactive 1999

This brings the toys back to you with hundreds of exclusive projects. Create and personalise projects including stickers, greeting cards, party invitations, team banners, calendars, signs, and much more for school, friends, and family, or special occasions, featuring your favourite Toy Story 2 images. There are over 400 pictures from which to select including backgrounds, clipart and characters from the animated film. If that isn't enough, you have the option of scanning a picture of yourself into the program and joining your favorite characters on-screen. You have the option of printing completed projects and there are suggestions in the manual for recommended paper sizes and types. The program is compatible with Avery's stickers and cards for printing purposes. Masterpieces won't come out of thin air, however - you must utilize the designing tools and your imagination. Handled through various icons and sidebars, the designing process lets you modify and rotate images, scale, layer clipart and experiment with font sizes, align text and colors. There are various tools for use with different projects. For example, you can import any scanned photographs located on your computer's hard drive and manipulate them with in-program tools and there are also zooming and "undo" tools at your disposal.
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ISO Demo 33MB (uploaded by ryanpcworld)
included in Disney Classic Print Studio Collection (1999) - ISO Demo 222MB (uploaded by anabate123)

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