Fuzzy & Floppy: The Adventure Of The Golden Bee Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Novara / Focus Multimedia 1995

Fuzzy e Floppy: il mistero dell'ape d'oro is one of the first games on CD in Italy and is the first episode of the first Italian media series for boys. Following the success of this "golden bee", in fact, later there were realized two more episodes of Fuzzy and Floppy, as well as many other multimedia. This title was also distributed in other countries translated into English (Fuzzy & Floppy - Adventures of the Golden Bee - Focus Multimedia), Spanish (Fuzzy & Floppy: Las Aventuras de La Abeja de Oro, in January 1998, Planeta) and German ( Fuzzy & Floppy auf der Jagd nach der goldenen Biene, 49 Mark). An interactive game that develops the theme of the search for the mythical Golden Bee kidnapped by two shady characters. A fun adventure that will test the skills of the detectives from 4 to 90 years. Immersing himself in 170 different scenarios, animated and sound, the boys participate in person in a series of exciting adventures air, land and maritime, led by two likeable protagonists of the CD-Rom: Fuzzy and Floppy, illustrated by Daniel Panebarco, one of the prominent personalities of Italian satirical cartoons.
Il Mistero Del Ape D Oro - Italian Full Demo 62MB (uploaded by Oldplay)
German ISO Demo 47MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Il Mistero Del Ape D Oro - Italian ISO Demo 275MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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