Boïnihi: The K'i Codex The Icehouse 2020

In 2062, the people of Terra discovered the Blue Matter System. With the help of this new technology, they were able to explore the galaxy in search for signs of intelligent life. One of these astronauts has been wandering through space for four years, and finally lands on a moon with no name, where a mysterious man used to live alone. Boïnihi was his name, and he was a solitary Talifan who had luckily survived the terrible events of Day Zero, long, long ago. Like ASA and Caytph before it, Boïnihi is a point-and-click first-person adventure with 360-degree panning, packed full of puzzles to solve. Unlike those games, however, Boïnihi is meant to be shorter, easier, and more accessible than its large-scale predecessors, though as anyone who has played those games can attest, "easier" is a relative term. Puzzle fans can still rest assured that the game will be challenging enough as you journey through another exotic faraway land. With four different regions inspired by Asian countries and mythologies to explore plus the K'i codex to translate, inspired by the famous Voynich manuscript along the way, the experience should provide more than three hours of gameplay.
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Kel Leda: Adventure Jam edition - Level Demo 297MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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