Three from Prostokvashino: We Train Attention [Ru] Electronic Paradise / Akella 2009

Bad things are happening in the village of Buttermilk. At night, some thief sneaked into the house to the ball with Matroskin. Unknown rascal not only annoys the friendly dog ​​and cat, but also brought confusion in the shop of Aunt Zina. Matroskin ball and decide to catch the intruder and hold most real detective work. Of course, no investigation is complete without an intelligent and careful detective. They are something, and will become the youngest players. Together with Uncle Feodor, Sharik and Matroskin, you as the novice detective will gather evidence, get on the trail of the night thieves and catch them. It is not easy, but the friendly residents of Buttermilk will necessarily help. Features: Detective adventure village Buttermilk, along with their favorite characters of Eduard Uspensky; Exciting jobs, developing mindfulness and intelligence; The game is designed for children aged 5-7 years; User-friendly interface requires no specific computer skills; Bright, hand-drawn graphics in the style of the original cartoon.
Russian Full Demo 201MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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