StarCraft Remastered Blizzard Entertainment 2017

An upgraded version of the bestselling 1998 RTS game. Compared to the original release, the game (including the Brood War expansion) features mainly significantly improved audiovisuals. Although the visuals remain two-dimensional, all the graphic elements have become more detailed. Furthermore, the game supports high resolutions (up to 4K), as well as refreshed audio, which also applies to dialogues between characters. Changes were introduced to the game's online component as well - it offers an advanced system of matchmaking, the option to store one's save files in the cloud, quick button re-mapping, and easy access to fan-made maps and replays. The mechanics remain unchanged - the game is a classic RTS, featuring three playable races (the Terrans, the Protoss, and the Zerg). The gameplay is based on gathering resources, building one's base, conducting research, producing units, and fighting enemies - in combat, taking advantage of both the enemy's weak spots and the strong spots of the player's forces, constitutes the key to success. Apart from six story campaigns (two for each of the races), the game offers an extensive multiplayer component with various game modes.
Download: None currently available

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