Dark Flame (cancelled) Warren Smith 2017

A beautiful 2D ARPG throwback to retro greats. It brings you the perspective of a knight who must battle the horrific conveyance of unknown evil that has overtaken his order. Featuring large, hand-crafted environments, tailored gameplay, and an armoire of weapons, armor, and magic, the game blends classic with new to bring a unique experience. You play the role of Taharial; a crusader in the midst of the Batlic Crusades. Upon discovering a mysterious onset of insanity by unknown causes among his brothers, Taharial set's forth to purge the area of evil and persevere through the dark possessive powers before all is lost in chaos. Game Features: Large, Themed Environments - Action-packed Metroidvania-style gameplay with hand crafted rooms and environments; Determine Your Destiny - Choose whether to persevere with good faiths, or succumb to the darkness in this diverse storyline; Customizable Gameplay - Unique level-up system with unlockable talents and spells; Original Soundtrack - inspired from old "-vania" titles; Hidden Rooms and Secrets - Large, maze-like environments consisting of upgrades and hidden items; Progressive Storylines - Obtain new powers to progress through the game and learn of the darkness that dwells within the realm; Hidden Spells - Some weapons and items contain an unlockable power via specific inputs. The game was never completed though there are early playable versions.
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Updated Level Demo (Aug 10/2017) (provided by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 338MB
Pre-Alpha Level Demo (Nov 18/2015) 91MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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