Pharaoh's Ascent Ambertec, Inc. 1997

This is an action / puzzle game in an Egyptian tomb setting. It is a platform game where you must shoot, climb, and push blocks and keys while avoiding mummies and other monsters to get to the escape door of each room. There are 96 rooms to go through in order to escape the pyramid. Each room is set with traps such as falling blocks, fire bombs and flying arrows that must be dodged or blocked to stay alive. Pharaoh's Ascent is mostly a puzzle game where you have to think of methods to move a large, rolling key to the exit door in order to open it. This is accomplished by creating bridges and pathways out of blocks and other movable objects. The player character can push blocks or shoot balls of blue fire at objects to move them, dig through sand and jump or climb to get around the room.
Full Demo 21MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 54MB (uploaded by

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