Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure Funnybone Interactive / Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. 2002

Barbie plays Rapunzel. A witch has turned Prince Stefan to stone and destroyed much of the castle, all for the offense of not being invited to the masquerade ball. Rapunzel and her dragon friend, Penelope, set out to restore the castle in time for the ball and find missing magic gems to restore the prince. The player must help Rapunzel restore and redecorate 6 locations in the castle: The grand foyer, the hallway, the bedroom, the throne room, the dining room, and the garden. In each room, the player uses items from the magic toolbox (such as a magic wand or magic paint brush) in order to restore and further customize various pieces of the room. Further, each room has a larger challenge for restoration that allows for a higher level of creativity. For example, in the grand foyer, the player must create a new mosaic for the floor by selecting a pattern, filling in the blocks to the right places, and filling in between the blocks. Once a room has been completely restored, the player is able to use a magical magnifying glass to carefully search the room for 1 of the 6 missing gems. Once all 6 rooms have been restored and all 6 gems have been collected, Rapunzel must conquer the garden hedge maze and use the gems to rescue Prince Stefan. In addition to the active play mode, there is a passive storybook mode. This game teaches early reading skills to young children.
Finnish AlcoholClone ISO Demo 306MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 285MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)
Barbie als Rapunzel: Een Creatief Avontuur - Dutch ISO Demo + Scans 288MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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