Devil's Canyon TeraMedia 1999

Attention Time Blazers. A Personal message from Dinamation's renowned Utahraptor expert, Dr. James Kirkland: We invite you to blaze through time into the prehistoric world of DINOSAURS! Dinamation Robotics Training Center project leader, Dr. Marshall Cope, is stranded in a prehistoric world. Your mission: secure his rescue. You find your way to the Robotics Training Center (RTC) and must restore the damaged memory bank of a high-tech Cyberaptor designed to interface with a time machine. Aboard this exciting contraption, you'll find yourself unearthing clues to a dinosaur mystery 65 million years in the making. This Dinamation Adventure provides time blazers of all ages to an exciting, entertaining opportunity to travel back in time unlocking mysteries of the past ... and the present.
English ISO Demo 143MB (uploaded by
Italian ISO Demo 190MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Win3.x Full Demo with DOSBox 161MB (uploaded by Classic Reload)

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