FoxTail Gingertips Game Studio 2018

Early Access Release This is a classic point-and-click quest. Drawing inspiration from the old pixel adventure games of the middle 90's, we create an atmospheric and spectacular world without using sophisticated modern technologies. Complex and variable tasks: the world of FoxTail triggers player’s imagination and gives an opportunity to solve problems in different, but equal in complexity ways. A charming story: echoing the leisurely rhythm of the old school adventures, the story is still colorful and impressive, but never boring. Characters and their stories: every character in the game has his own life, in which the player will have to take part, one way or another. The main heroine, Leah the fox, is charismatic, funny and cunning, as any fox is supposed to be. She will have a long and difficult journey: through the labyrinths of mines, mountains, swamps and dangerous forest at night, defeating her own fears and helping those who meet her on the way. All this is for the great positive goal that doesn’t allow her to retreat or surrender. Chapter 2 (Jan 17/2019) The script part of the game has been significantly improved and changed, plus a new soundtrack was added. Chapter 3 (May 7/2020) features improved music; improved localization.
Download: None currently available

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