Lady Bug Ben Hanke 2007

A self-styled "retro remake" of the 1981 arcade game from Universal with the same name, taking up a compact 4 KB and most closely resembling the ColecoVision or Commodore 64 versions. Just like in the original, you control a ravenous ladybug in a maze filled with nutritious "x" symbols, which you must devour to proceed to the next level. The border that rings the maze also serves as an animated timer, and on each full rotation a new enemy bug will spawn at the center. These bugs will try and hunt you down, but they can be thwarted by using the revolving doors which change positions when used (altering the layout of the maze). Once they're all out of their lair, a special food item can be collected to freeze them for a while. Poisonous skulls are lethal both for you and for the enemy bugs, but other items can be more profitable, depending on their color when they're picked up: hearts will increase your score multiplier, and letters can be collected to spell out "EXTRA" and "SPECIAL" for bonuses.
Free Game 4kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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