Blood Seed 2 [J] Image Club / Arkham Products 1996

A 3D RPG where players become monsters with tentacles. The sequel's contents of the game almost follows the previous work. In many of the 3D RPG with H game, although enemy character takes off with knocking down with a girl, in this game it becomes a mere mechanical that there is no sex appeal. 3D dungeons, enemy characters, spaceships coming out with demos etc are drawn with 3D CG, but I think that both girls' CG and 3D CG are not bad. By the way, the stage of the previous work was inside the space ship, but this time it is a space colony of "Lady's boarding school". Primary contact with the living organism suddenly occurred on the virtual cruiser Triant 2 belonging to the free planetary association under duty which was on a separate task with the main for the secret mission. Living organisms that were attacked inside certain asteroids entered into the ship and grew while pretending and absorbing crew members. The crew attempted to deal with the weapons in transit but failed. Also failed to abandonment of life due to disconnection of the hull, which was carried out as a last resort, the ship crew was wiped out. Then, the ship is in contact with the army of a rescue ship in drifting also wiped out. When the military reported the existence of a monster lurking inside the ship, the capture operation by the military was planned and implemented to use it for the development of biological weapons. Capture operations were conducted from the first to the third First and second strategy units are annihilated. The third survivor was only 4 people indeed a miserable failure, and the ship was forced to be destroyed by military missile attack.
Japanese (Bin+Clone) ISO Demo (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 1.35GB

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