Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption Transolar Games Inc., Brawsome 2018

Set in a fantasy world, a mix of classic adventure and role-playing games. The game was developed by an independent studio formed by Lori Ann and Corey Cole – a marriage known for the famous Quest for Glory series and made with a custom Unity engine. It was initially funded through one of two Kickstarter campaigns in 2012. It is based on the School for Heroes, the defunct e-mail based web game the Coles had created previously. You assume the role of a young pickpocketer named Shawn O'Conner, who is caught red-handed during the thieves guild initiation. In order to avoid punishment he agrees to join a school specializing in rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents. Unfortunately, many of his schoolmates and teachers have it in for him and try to turn his life into a big misery. To make things even worse, the dungeons beneath the school seem to be hiding an ancient evil. Apart from passing exams, Shawn's even more important objective is to make it alive until the end of the semester. He interacts and competes with his fellow students during the day, and can travel down into the catacombs at night to go on quests and solve puzzles. The player can learn new skills and explore new areas as the game unfolds. Dialog choices matter, as what is chosen to say will affect the relationship Shawn makes with the people he meets. Combat is turn-based and tactical. If Shawn chooses to sneak around combat situations, the combat is also avoidable.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Break-In Room Level Demo + Combat Prototype 135MB/115MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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