Great Story of a Mighty Hero, The DeanForge 2014

Ironic "Hack and Slash" RPG bath filled with blood and gore. Go through the wall of enemies and defeat the mighty evil to become a mighty hero. Features: Parody RPG; Meaty Hack and Slash; Non-stop mincer Action. Greetings Mighty Hero! A great misfortune has fallen upon our world. The death has vanished. Nobody dies here, all dead come back. Our world is exhausted and soon will nothing be left from it.But there was a Prophecy, proclaiming about Mighty Hero, who would come and bring death back. For thousands of years people awaited hіs coming through the portal, still noone came from it, except our dead. But now the Prophecy came true - you are here. In Jun/2018, a Remastered version was released on Steam.
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Remastered ISO Demo 3.96GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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