Pixeline: Magi i Pixieland [Da] Krea Medie 2007

This is the thirteenth game in the Pixeline series. Get the magic back to Pixieland. There has been something mysterious in Pixieland - Pixies have lost their magic. The gnomes can not help out and the poor fairies can not fly, but also for Pixieland's new residents there are problems - and they really need your and Pixeline's help. The pet race in Pixieland is an annual tradition - but who can win? Collect singing beads in the fl oden so that the hello mermaids can sing again beautifully. Poor Polly Puk can no longer fly. Help her plant mica flowers. Help the hungry wizard Tumle Rumle to spell delicious things in stone that he can eat. Help the cute little ghosts who have moved into the old lighthouse. Pixeline interactive house that you can customize with the furniture you buy for the gold coins you earn in the games. Learn about numbers, letters and logic while playing. Games for kids from 5 to 12 years.
Danish Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 654MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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