Pixeline Skolehjælp: Dansk 2 - Pixeline i bogstavjunglen [Da] Krea Medie 2006

Learn more about reading and writing in Danish with Pixeline. Learning through play - the optimal way to learn. The target group is the smaller school children from ages of 6 years upwards. The plot itself is as surreal as we are used to, from many other children's games; Pixeline is flying down in the lettering. The star wizard Alfabeticus wants to remedy the young lady's distress, but of course this is not free. In other words, you have to help the good stargazer to collect the forest's alphabet animals, and then the runners start in four small mini-games. In battle against the alphabet - In this scene, Pixeline must fight and collect alphabet animals. The tasks vary according to the severity. At the easy end, the beginning letter must be given, and in a bit more difficult it is about bending words, that is, guessing if it is called "all animals", "all animals", etc. Little brother Livingstone - Smaller siblings are, as many know, a bother at the level of editors shortly before the deadline (shut up and write faster, Bo! -Red.). Little brother Livingstone is unfortunately no exception. He would like to sell alphabet animals to Pixeline, and he is well paid in precious stones and herbs (collected in other mini-games). In addition, he cheats, for even after receiving payment, Pixeline must guess a letter before the animal is in the house (or should it be said stall). Bongo Bear - At Bongo Bjørn you can mysteriously and in the wild be deserved herbs if you can swallow a word's syllables in real order. Diamond Mine - In the mine, you must first sharpen jewels from the rock pieces, then put them together to form a simple word, for example. "Ged" or "Foot". The assignments are excellent and very educationally knitted together. The graphics are beautiful and the voice play is on the better end. But you might have wanted a bit more different tasks to extend the game's lifespan. A fit feature is the hidden parent menu. Here you can count the progress of the poems in numbers and graphs among other features.
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Danish Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 128MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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