Inspector Waffles Goloso Games 2018

Early Access, Full Release Date: Mar 23/2021 Fluffy, a rich industrial in Cat Town, is found dead at his house: Is it a murder ? Did he kill himself ? Inspector Waffles is the one called to solve the mystery. But there is a problem: the cops can't find a way to get to the crime scene. This is a point-and-click adventure game with anthropomorphic cats and dogs. It's a classical adventure game where you can interact with decors, combine items and solve puzzles.You are a detective, so you also have to look for clues, interrogate people of interest and solve cases until you find out who the crime head in CatTown is. You play a smart cat detective surrounded by crazy, stupid, dangerous, cunning and funny characters. You'll find dry humour and puns about cats and dogs. I am not kitten.
Level Demo v3.0 27MB (uploaded by
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Kidnapped Catnip: Sidequest Contest - Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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