Cube Escape Collection Rusty Lake 2015

This is a series of free Flash escape the room games. Cube Escape: Seasons (Apr 28) The game will start with your first memory, the spring of 1964, which will take you to a quiet and cozy room. The room contains a clock, a kitchen and a window that points to the garden. The player moves through four periods of time. Cube Escape: The Lake (Apr 28) On a small island in Rusty Lake you found an abandoned hut and, intrigued, decide to enter, but you only find tools: a knife, a fishing rod and bars. The game is set in 1969. Cube Escape: Arles (Jun 5) In 1888 the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is trapped in his bedroom in Arles and somehow will have to go out. Cube Escape: Harvey's Box (Jun 24) It's 1969 and Harvey, a parrot, is trapped in a box on a moving train to Rusty Lake. Harvey, with the help of a pigeon, will have to overcome many puzzles to get out of that box. Cube Escape: Case 23 (July 31) Detective Dale Vandermeer is hired to solve a mysterious case about the death of a woman. Cube Escape: The Mill (Sep 4) A guest will soon arrive at Mr. Crow's residence, and it is your job to make a mysterious machine work by creating cubes of memories. Cube Escape: Birthday (Feb 15/2016) It is 1939 and, finally, it is nine years old. Everything seems perfect, there is cake, music and a gift. However, the mood changes rapidly when an unexpected guest arrives at the party. Cube Escape: Theater (Apr 11/2016) You entered the theater of your mind and you will watch a very engaging program. You will have to meet all six requests to continue your journey. Cube Escape: The Cave (Mar 17/2017) Mr. Crow will explore a mysterious cave, help a guest to dig deep under Rusty Lake. In October/2020, all 9 games were updated, preserved and bundled on Steam as Cube Escape Collection for a small price, to survive the end of the Flash Games era.
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