Carat: Magical Block [J] Cybertech Custom 1998

This is a Columns-style puzzle first released in Japan on PC-98 in 1992. You can unlock hentai CGs after beating stages. Carat's rules are very simple, like a Puyo Puyo block of two colors fall from the top of the screen, it disappears when 3 columns of the same block are arranged vertically / diagonally like Columns. Also, when a certain number of blocks are landed, the level rises, the difficulty level of the game (the falling speed / type of the block) goes up, and when the block is piled up to the top and the next block can not come out It is a game over, and looking at the new concepts added to it, there is nothing special to mention. The new concept is the selection of "longitudinal erasing" and "oblique erasing" mode. In short, while playing the game, you always play with changing buttons with buttons to change the vertical and horizontal and diagonal erase modes. In this way, in other games, a technique of linkage called "inch linkage (* refer to recommendation of linkage )" which is not seen first is born, and it becomes a puzzle game full of originality. The contents of the game can be roughly divided into three parts: Normal puzzle game mode typified by Tetris and Columns who earn points with eternity alone; Task is a game mode which clears the question of feeling like "Do three chains" or "Block three times obliquely"; Battle Mode to play against two people.
Japanese ISO Demo (provided by myloch & upped by Scaryfun) 40MB

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