Camchigi's Great Journey I'll Soft / Game Box 1998

This is a South Korean advertising game for Camchigi fruit drink whose distribution is discontinued. The main character is a snail - mascot line of this product. This may seem incredible, but, despite its origin, this platformer has turned out beautiful and interesting, and despite the formal appeal to children - not at all simple (albeit not subtlely complex). There is almost certainly no specific plot (the introductory video is an advertisement for drinks, and the Korean text is present only in the menu as two points - and there is no language barrier) - the snail just “travels” through the colorful world, divided into levels, and jumping from above destroys the creatures hostile to her and moving along strictly limited trajectories. The latter are represented by anthropomorphic mushrooms (very strong creatures), motionless (but therefore no less dangerous), sundew flowers, snakes, frogs, cockroaches, kitties (extremely dangerous, because, like us, able to jump) and so on. The protagonist’s health is absent: before the start, three “lives” are given, and each of them is instantly lost at the slightest physical contact with the enemy, not counting the aforementioned landing on top of him; level in this case will have to pass again from the beginning. You can also die in other situations - in particular, falling into the abyss, which is enough here, although there is a chance to “cling” to the ledges and then climb up to them; In general, the snail will have to jump a lot - and not only at someone. After killing (portrayed as a bloodless disappearance, but often anticipated by the animation of the "disturbance" of the creature), enemies often (though not always) leave bottles of different sizes with different "Camchigi" drinks; their collection leads to an increase in the score by points (which, by the way, in case of loss of the “life” are not zeroed). There are other bonuses - stars, rings, green and gray crystals and so on - which, apparently, are also needed only to achieve the highest possible score. The only useful item noticed is a chest: if you come close to it, then from there comes a huge turtle; the snail can jump on her back and continue the journey in this way. Please note that the reptile jumps further and “stronger” than the protagonist: with its help it is much easier to overcome the abysses, and the enemies after landing on them part with life instantly (whereas the snail will have to jump twice on the same fungi). However, in case of contact of the tortoise with one of them, it also instantly dies, but the snail in this case remains alive. The graphics, as already noted above, are drawn, almost animated and visually causing exceptionally pleasant emotions - with the exception of our snail’s truly dejected facial expression and the animation of its death (unhappy soul flying off to heaven). By itself, the gameplay is somewhat monotonous, but, again, it is not very easy. So, if you make a discount on certain very modest funds spent on its development, then it is quite acceptable to put it as "above average".
Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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