Barbie Fashion Show Activision Blizzard 2004

Become the world's hottest fashion designer with Barbie. Design exciting fashion shows as you help Barbie get ready for Fashion Week in Paris. Advance through 3 design studios creating stylish outfits for Barbie and her four friends to model. Select style, fabrics and patterns for each special look. Pick hairstyles and shoes too! It's up to you to put on the coolest, most fashionable fashion shows ever. Features: Create dazzling collections in your own design studios; Design beautiful new styles - Select fabrics, colors and even add decals; Dress and style Barbie and her friends for each show; Complete each look with trendy hairstyles and shoes; Create the ultimate runway show - models twirl, strut and sashay; Choose up to 6 runways, Decorate with props, lights, and music; Snap pictures of your fashions and play back shows. Even post your designs on
ISO Demo 173MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)
Barbie Sfilata Di Moda - Italian ISO Demo + Scans 242MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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