Tip Top: Il Mistero Dei Libri Scomparsi [It] MediAround RCS / Rizzoli New Media 1996

In the role of a writer, Tip Top seeks inspiration for his new novel. Wanting to consult several books from his library he discovers that they have been stolen from him and therefore it will be necessary to solve different puzzles and help different characters in his city to find these 4 novels (which by the way are also interactive books within the game itself) and write your novel, choosing different elements from the 4 books. It is thanks to the meeting with some informants (a policeman, the old teacher of Tip Top) that you can accumulate clues and find, one after the other, the stolen books. These are four classic books of children's literature: The Three Musketeers, Treasure Island, Robin Hood and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Whenever we find one, the urban environment, populated by numerous gags, gives way to the reading environment and a remote control that allows us to scroll through the multimedia pages faster, looking for items to steal in our turn to compose a personalized story. Each passage is explained by the voice of the leading character, who guides us in his city and teaches us the techniques to compose the new narrative mix. In the end, all the choices are still editable by Tip Top and the story of which we are authors can be printed, cropped and bound in paper form. The good thing about the structure of this program is that the prize is, at the end of the hard work, reading a novel. In fact, when a book is recovered, it is possible to browse the fifteen paintings that, through the images and written parts (recited by a reader) develop the narrative.
Italian ISO Demo 620MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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