Lion King,The: Operation Pridelands Disney Interactive Studios 2004

This is a pleasant family game created by Disney based on its cinema hit - the Lion King. The action was set in place shortly after the reign of the wicked Scar came to an end, and animals that had escaped from the hyenas from the kingdom of the Lion King can now return home. The player's task is to help two funny heroes, Tymon and Pumba, bring the animals home. Players can solve quizzes, practice their dexterity and logical thinking in order to complete the journey, happily carry out animals and get a wonderful gift: four additional mini-games. The game was prepared with children in mind, so it is not too complicated, full of funny dialogues and funny situations, and has a nice, colorful visual setting.
Lejonkungen Tillbaka Till Lejonriket - Swedish ISO Demo 503MB (uploaded by Legends World)
ISO Demo 638MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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