Nuclear Titbit: Flashback [Ru] Vz.lab / GFI, Russobit-M 2004

This is a game in the genre of quest, arcade. Unlike the original Nuclear Titbit, it's not an adventure and is not a sequel. According to the plot, the player at the beginning of the game will be in a small closed building of six rooms. In the role of the protagonist - a strange creature with no hair on his head, but with a metal claw, replacing a limb, and a terrible smile. The atmosphere in the room directly corresponds to the protagonist - all around peeling walls, blood stains, boxes in which nuclear waste is stored, mutated rats. For complete happiness, the toilet was occupied by some guy with an ax in his back. It's not recommended for persons under the age of 18. There are quite a few not very cultural phrases in it, not to mention the image on the monitor. But for fans of a mixture of black and vulgar humor, it will be fine. One has only to note that it is very short, only about half an hour in duration. It contains similar quests from other games. "Spermoguns" offer a fast-paced sperm race towards the egg cell - taken from Earthworm Jim . And in the “Battle for the harvest” Pac-Man is used by everyone. Fight "on the fists" with the participation of angry mooks, flight on balloons from the annoying clown, shooting sheep, riding innocent old women - just as secondary and primitive, nonstop running around from the police.
Russian ISO Demo 609MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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