Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth Eipix Entertainment / Big Fish Games 2016

When a suspicious organization takes over the restoration of one of the most important archaeological sites in Sri Lanka H.E.L.P. agents are invited to supervise. Suddenly the communication with them cut off, so you are called to go on a mission and check whats going on. As soon as you step out of the airplane it becomes clear something more is going on. The site seems oddly quiet for a place thats supposed to be swarmed with the restoration workers and the search for the agents becomes inevitable. The further you explore, the more you get involved into the web of extremely unexpected circumstances. The clues are pointing into the unknown directions and the facts are implicating the story bigger than anyone could imagine. Are you ready to step onto the ancient ground and start the adventure of discovering one of the biggest secrets of human kind?
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 755MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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