Weird Park: The Final Show Alawar Entertainment / Viva Media 2014

When a young boy steps into a closet and disappears, cops and journalists swarm his home looking for answers. But they can't see what lies behind the veil of reality: a bizarre alternate dimension created by a twisted imagination! Taking the role of an investigative reporter, you must unlock the door to the other world, save the child, and end the villain's reign of terror! Can you solve the puzzles he put in place to stop you? Will you be able to cling to your sanity as you explore strange worlds that defy everything you believe? And most important of all: Can you save the boy's new friend, Louis the Clown, from a fate worse than death? Don't miss a single, stunning moment of Weird Park: The Final Show!
Full Demo 1.06GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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