Krakout Unlimited Master Creating GmbH / Musicbank Ltd. 2002

This is a remake of Gremlin's popular game Krakout which itself was an Arkanoid-style Breakout clone. This is a one or two player game which, like the original, is played with the paddles on the side of the screen rather than along the bottom of the screen in true Breakout style. Brick formations are randomly generated (hence the "unlimited" tag to the title). It comes with a level editor that allows players to create their own levels. Other features are the ability to take screen shots and to save games (by the F8 and F12 keys respectively), two levels of difficulty, and choice between control systems (keyboard, mouse, or joystick/gamepad). At the time of release players could upload their high scores to the game's website, together with MOD files containing player-created levels which could be downloaded and played via a menu option.
ISO Demo 37MB (uploaded by Fingered Donut)

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